Relationship Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Questions are important to gain better knowledge about a subject. Relationship questions to ask your boyfriend are necessary for every girl in a relationship, as making the right inquiries can save you from a needless heartbreak and even help you begin your relationship on the right track.

Wondering what relationship questions to ask your boyfriend on your first date and the ones after?

Whether romantic, cute, serious or fun questions, these inquiries would stir intimacy and communication between you and your spouse or partner.

Want to know what these relationship questions to ask your boyfriend are? We’ve outlined them below;

1. Ever Cohabited with a Partner?

Many young people no longer practise the age-long traditional relationship norms. Now, we have romantic partners living together even before walking down the aisle.

So it’s important to ask your boyfriend if he has ever lived with a partner before.

This relationship question to ask your boyfriend will help you realise if you’re both on the same page.

2. Would you Like to Have Kids

Some millennials and the Z generation may express reservations about having kids of their own. They may subscribe more to the idea of adoption.

Hence, it’s better to not assume that your partner wants biological kids. Ask him directly; do you want to have children.

If yes, how many? Deep questions like this would help you see if you’re compatible.

3. How Old Was Your Oldest Relationship?

Don’t be surprised; there are people who can’t maintain a relationship with their partner beyond a couple of weeks.

Therefore, to save yourself from a sudden breakup, ask your man, “how long was your longest relationship?”

Go ahead and probe further;

“Why did it end?” It’s important to ask to know if they’re an architect of breakups.

That way, you’d protect yourself from embarrassing short-lived romance.

Relationship questions to ask your boyfriend
Relationship Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

4. This Relationship Question to Ask your Boyfriend is Important

What is your love language? As individuals our choices and preferences are different.

Never make assumptions like your boyfriend would prefer intimate moments to gifts.

Instead, read on the five love languages which include affirmation, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts and acts of service. Then ask your man which of these love languages sits well with him.

This way, you’ll find his weakness and make him fall in love with you every day.

Definitely, if you’re wondering what are some deep relationship questions to ask my boyfriend, this sits well in that category.

See other categories of questions to ask your boyfriend.

Good Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Here are some good questions to ask your boyfriend to know more about him;

  • What part of the world would you love to live in with me?
  • After retirement, what would you love to do?
  • Do you want a family?
  • What are your phobias, if any?
  • Do you love listening to or watching the news?
  • What charitable drive would you love to start?
  • What season of the year do you love the most?
  • What is your happiest moment?

2. Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

It’s important to have some awe-inspiring moments as a couple. One of the ways you can achieve this magical moment is by asking your boyfriend some cute relationship questions.

Share this interesting story with your boyfriend.

They include:

  • Who was your crush as a child?
  • What dream did you have as a kid?
  • Did you participate in fun activities like summer camp as a child?
  • What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
  • How did you have fun as a child?

3. Dirty and Naughty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Wondering what should I ask my boyfriend when bored? I bet you’d like to know what he’s like when it comes to the matters of the bedroom.

These questions may be teasing yet they will uncover some interesting details about your partner when it comes to sex and intimacy.

Let’s go?

Here are dirty and naughty questions to ask your boyfriend as his girlfriend:

Share this original story with your boyfriend.

  • When last did you have sex?
  • How many times would you love to have sex in a day or week?
  • What’s your worst kiss experience?
  • Are you a good or bad kisser?
  • What is your fetish?
  • Have you ever had a threesome?
  • Can you tell me how you lost your virginity?
  • Where do you love to have sex?
  • Can you ever be attracted to a man?
  • Do you love sex toys?
  • What turns you on during sex?

4. Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

To share some moments of laughter and joy as partners, here are fun questions to ask your boyfriend that will help you grow fond of each other.

Moreover, these would satisfy your curiosity on what are 10 questions to ask a guy;

  • What is the worst reason you had given your ex for breaking up with her?
  • Ever pissed on yourself while laughing out loud?
  • Who are your favourite celebrities? Have you met them?
  • What do you dislike the most in a girl?
  • Would you want me for a sister?
  • If I weren’t your girlfriend, would you like me?
  • Ever played some naughty games like truth or dare?


With these questions, there will be little left for you to know about your boyfriend. This way you can bond better as partners.

Don’t forget; to get the right answers, you must ask the right questions.

Kindly drop a comment to let me know which of these relationship questions you are eager to ask your boyfriend.

And don’t forget to share. Thank you!

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